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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

I borrowed Mr. Einstein's quote for my high school yearbook quote, and the message still holds true for me today. When you can imagine a solution is possible, you will find the resources to make it real.

I have always loved learning about new project types, user groups, and construction technology, and because of my diverse interests consider myself a design 'Generalist'.

Learning about the nuances of each programmatic puzzle piece and envisioning how the user will engage the space allows me to form the 'unique big picture' of each project.  Solving the specific set of problems for each environment has been the most wonderful, creative part of practicing architecture and design. 

My interests in exploration, and the connections between user environments are the drivers behind why I've chosen to practice in the complimentary fields of interior design and architecture professionally .  My portfolio is representitive of the broad spectrum of project types that I've been lucky to participate in.  Every project, large or small, has brought unique lessons that I appreciate.

I look forward to the continued challenge of collaborating on dynamic, engaging spaces.

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